Minerals and More in Sussex County ?>

Minerals and More in Sussex County

Discover Sussex County

Earth Day is April 22nd, how will you celebrate?  We have an idea! Come tour the Sterling Hill Mineral Museum, right here in Sussex County.  Did you know fluorescent minerals like Zincite, Willemite & Franklinite were discovered right here in NJ. They GLOW Orange, Yellow & Green with a black light!

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The Sterling Mine represents two centuries of American mining history & technology, and earth sciences.  They offer a guided tour that takes you down into the mines so you can experience an authentic feel of what the miners life was like.  You can even hunt for your OWN take home treasures from the Mine Run Dump

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The Sterling Mine has an international collection of breathtaking gems & specimens from all over the globe!


It’s great fun, for ANY age and something different too.

Visit the Sterling Hill Mining Museum Website.

Visit the Franklin Mineral Museum Website.


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