Waterloo Canal Day ?>

Waterloo Canal Day

Waterloo Canal

Saturday June 24th, 2017
10AM to 4 PM

Waterloo Village takes the visitor through time from a 400-year old Lenape Indian village to a bustling port along the once prosperous Morris Canal. Located in Stanhope, Sussex County NJ, Waterloo is an early 19th-century restored village with a working mill complex including gristmills and sawmills, as well as a general store, blacksmith shop and several historic houses. The community served as a midway point from Jersey City to Phillipsburg where mules and barge workers could rest overnight before continuing their delivery of goods and supplies.

Canal Day at Waterloo will feature a canal boat that was recently discovered in the Atlantic Highlands thanks to hurricane Sandy. Discover how a canal boat from the Morris canal wound up as the foundation for a home in the Atlantic Highlands. See the sole survivor of an era gone by, built from 1831 to 1924, is returned home for all to see.

It is currently an open-air museum in Allamuchy Mountain State Park and is open to the public sunrise to sunset. The village is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

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